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A Small Sunday Game

Yesterday was the last day before the new spring semester. After breakfast, I suddenly realized that I have spare time after a long while. My friends were still not around in campus, so I started to looking for a little programming project to make my day more fun. Found a calm place with a nice view and sit. Then, Pygame came to my mind and jumped into implementing a small simple Tic-Tac-Toe game.

I had not used Pygame till yesterday but, thankfully, it is easy to learn and use. With the help of several Stack Overflow answers upon simple queries, I was able to finish a simple 3x3 demo implementation in a couple of hours. In here, I will briefly describe my implementation process. Hope this post can encourage you to implement small games too. First I started with implementing a slot class to model each cell in the game grid as you can see:
Then I go for a simple window and main game loop. You can see its final version as:
Finally, I implement a board class the handle rest of the functionality. There is only single point in implementation of Board class that I am not comfortable with, it is the check for winning condition. Here you can see my not so pleasing but quick implementation:
Overall, I enjoyed using Pygame much. Since implementing small simple games is a great way to practise programming, I am planning to have some other games and blog posts on them.
Thank you.

Please do not hesitate to provide feedback anytime.

See you on forthcoming posts.

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